I was introduced to this wonderful breed by a friend of mine who in the past raised two dobermans. I was very skeptical of the breed the first time I encountered them.  I remember sitting down at the breeders kitchen table and being told "what ever you do don't move".  I was thinking what have I gotten myself into.  At that moment 8 dobermans came running past me to head to their kennel run.  All of them just gentle and regal at the same time.  I was introduced to the mother who was expecting and she was as loving as could be.  It was like being with a Labrador Retriever in a Doberman body.  After that I was sold.  In April 2004 this special little man with his cup on his head came into my life and changed it forever. 
I have been committed to the doberman breed since 2004 and gaining knowledge and appreciation every day. I continue to strive for well rounded dogs with a background in confirmation, obedience and working aptitude.

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